Friday, September 10, 2010

My first videos for the News-Press

S o, today I googled myself and stumbled upon some old videos from when I went to Andros Island in the Bahamas in May 2008 with reporter Kevin Lollar. The rotary club of Cape Coral was building a playground for the children of Red Bays, a very poor community on the north end of the island. We tagged along to document the weekend. It was a beautiful place, and I met some amazing people including a little boy who I will never forget.....

Here are some videos that were edited by Jackie Winchester of our online department, because I did not know how to edit then. I know that probably nobody will watch these. I just wanted to have them here so they wouldn't get lost in cyberspace. It is such a magical place. I hope to return someday. The children are all polite and well dressed even though they may live in a house with no running water or electricity.

This is a demo of how to make their famous baskets. And, yes, I bought one.

This guy is great!

and here's Hank of Hank's place.


  1. 2nd attempt at a comment - these are great!! I really like Hank!

  2. I remember watching these when you got back from the Bahamas. Makes me want to travel.

  3. The basket guy said it takes a whole day to make one of those baskets. But I bet they charge almost nothing for them. The craftsmanship that goes into those baskets is worth way more than they charge. I can't imagine what Manolo Blahnik would charge if he decided to go into the designer basket weaving business.