Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby photography

I just saw this blog post by MCP Actions. They have some good information for photographers,and so I thought I'd share their tips for successful baby photography. Mostly I just wanted to save this post for my own reference, but I thought my 3-4 readers would all find it handy also.

I also wanted to showcase two of my favorite babies: Emme and Evan. Sadly they are really no longer babies, they are toddlers. But it's fun to go back and see how small they really were. Ok, so Evan wasn't really that small....
I'm excited to use the new tips to photograph baby MJ, who should be making her world debut in the next few weeks..Yay!


  1. I just got a tad weepy seeing these pics! Evan is so not a baby anymore - fo' sho'! And yes, would love to see you put the new tips in action for MJ.

  2. How dare you!! Emme is TOO still a baby!!