Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bridal shower

Yesterday, my good friend Molly and my mom threw me a bridal shower. It was a great time, and I think everyone had fun. I know I did.
Thank you so much, Molly! The shower was gorgeous. You've been a great friend since the day we met more than eight years ago and I really appreciate everything!
I had such a great time with everyone - my wonderful friends from work, my mom, Scott's mom Deanna, my future sisters-in-law Emily and Dena, my future niece Courtney, and Debra and Dee.

Dena and Courtney
Deanna, my future mother-in-law

Then when I got home this was in the mailbox. I invited the President and Michelle to the wedding, and we finally got a response! It doesn't look like they'll be attending, but they sent a really nice card that will go right into the wedding album. I think it's a super cool keepsake.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Yesterday, Scott and I went to Carter's soccer game. I decided to bring my camera to get some photos, because there's nothing cuter that 5-year-olds playing soccer. He played so well! We're a proud soon-to-be-aunt and uncle. We can't wait to see Faith play, too.