Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bryson is seven weeks old and lovin' livin' in Dunk City

Fort Myers has been renamed Dunk City after historic wins by FGCU in the NCAA men's basketball tournament. They're in the sweet 16 (as if anybody out there doesn't know that), and we're quite excited about that. It is Scott's alma mater, and I've covered their games for years now.

The News-Press photographers and reporters have been doing a great job covering the story.
Here's a link with a page with all of our section fronts this past week.

We've even been on Sportscenter twice....

Here's tomorrow's special section front...

Bryson also turned seven weeks old today. He's getting fatter every day. We just love him so much.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Six weeks old

I know these weekly posts may be getting repetitive, but it's my way of documenting these fast-moving sleep-deprived weeks so I don't forget the little details of Bryson's life.

So, yesterday was six weeks!

This week brought more firsts for Bryson. My grandma is here visiting from South Carolina, so they met for the first time.

And I think he has "socially" smiled at us a few times. This morning he gave me a big toothless grin. Melts. My. Heart. He's also sort of reaching for things and focusing in on our faces more.

Bryson also got in the hot tub for the first time at Scott's parents' house. Their hot tub is not very hot and is salt water, so we figured it was safe. And he loved it! I was amazing how easily he floated. 
He was so cute.

I've been wanting to capture Bryson's hairy little shoulders. They're the softest thing ever!

And of course, those toes!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Five weeks old

Yesterday Bryson turned five weeks old!

"Check out my muscles!"

He's obviously growing like crazy. He smiled at me while he was on the changing table yesterday too. I think that counts as a social smile.

He's still a really loud sleeper, which makes it difficult for Scott and I to get any sleep.

We're adjusting to not having dad and Judy here this week. They were so helpful with cooking and helping with Bryson last week. We sure do miss them. And I know they miss us too. We've skyped with dad twice this week. Here's dad and Judy saying goodbye before they made the drive back to NC last Saturday.

We're getting ready for March Madness around here. Bryson is ready to cheer for Carolina in his T-shirt.

Here's a few photos I took yesterday afternoon.
Here's his sweet smile....

And he finds his thumb sometimes....

This was while we were down by the river for the sunset.

Here's a video of Bryson playing with his activity gym. I think he's getting the hang of it.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Four weeks old

Bryson is already one month old, and I can't believe it has gone by so fast. We're starting to figure out this parenting thing, which I'm sure means everything will change soon. But so far so good.

Dad and Judy have been here this week cooking for us, holding the baby and letting me sleep in the mornings! It has been great.

Today Bryson had his one-month checkup today. He's now 9 pounds 11 ounces (2 pounds over his birth weight) and 21.75 inches (2.25 inches longer) and his head circumference is 14 inches. All those marathon feedings this week certainly helped.

Earlier in the week, he was insisting on eating for 4-5 hours almost straight at night. And it was taking its toll on me. By Tuesday, I was in tears because I was so tired, because he was still waking up at 3:00 am and 6:00 am too. Not enough sleep for me. Luckily that pattern broke on Tuesday night and we went to bed at 10:00 pm instead of 1:00 or 1:30 am. I'm feeling much better.

We are loving watching him grow fatter by the day. Every time I feed him I marvel at how fat his cheeks are getting. And I love to kiss those cheeks when he snuggles on my shoulder.

The cloth-diapering is going well, and we're keeping up with the laundry associated with that. I now know what the term "heavy wetter" is all about. That boy can soak a diaper like nobody's business.

Here's some photos from today when Mammy (Scott's grandma) came to visit.....

Here's his three-week photo since I was too busy last week to blog about it......

And here's a couple taken on February 22 that I haven't posted yet. I'm hoping to get more photos of him this weekend.