Friday, March 22, 2013

Six weeks old

I know these weekly posts may be getting repetitive, but it's my way of documenting these fast-moving sleep-deprived weeks so I don't forget the little details of Bryson's life.

So, yesterday was six weeks!

This week brought more firsts for Bryson. My grandma is here visiting from South Carolina, so they met for the first time.

And I think he has "socially" smiled at us a few times. This morning he gave me a big toothless grin. Melts. My. Heart. He's also sort of reaching for things and focusing in on our faces more.

Bryson also got in the hot tub for the first time at Scott's parents' house. Their hot tub is not very hot and is salt water, so we figured it was safe. And he loved it! I was amazing how easily he floated. 
He was so cute.

I've been wanting to capture Bryson's hairy little shoulders. They're the softest thing ever!

And of course, those toes!


  1. Mattie saw the picture of Bryson's hairy shoulder and said, "Ewww...that's gross." Ha! Cute pictures!

  2. He is absolutely adorable, Amanda. I can't wait to see him! Please let me know when you plan a trip to NC, and I will be there!