Friday, March 15, 2013

Five weeks old

Yesterday Bryson turned five weeks old!

"Check out my muscles!"

He's obviously growing like crazy. He smiled at me while he was on the changing table yesterday too. I think that counts as a social smile.

He's still a really loud sleeper, which makes it difficult for Scott and I to get any sleep.

We're adjusting to not having dad and Judy here this week. They were so helpful with cooking and helping with Bryson last week. We sure do miss them. And I know they miss us too. We've skyped with dad twice this week. Here's dad and Judy saying goodbye before they made the drive back to NC last Saturday.

We're getting ready for March Madness around here. Bryson is ready to cheer for Carolina in his T-shirt.

Here's a few photos I took yesterday afternoon.
Here's his sweet smile....

And he finds his thumb sometimes....

This was while we were down by the river for the sunset.

Here's a video of Bryson playing with his activity gym. I think he's getting the hang of it.

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