Saturday, September 28, 2013

A weekend away, a check off my bucket list and 33 weeks

First, a preview shot from our weekend away.....yeah, that's me on the trapeze!

And now.....
It's time for another weekly installment of "How old is Bryson?"

33 weeks or 7.5 months old. 

His personality is coming through more and more. He now is able to let us know what he wants more easily. 

He does NOT want his diaper changed or to get dressed. It seems he would be happy to be naked all day if we would let him. He always flips over really fast and crawls away with his little naked butt showing when we take his diaper off.

He crawls into our laps or pulls himself to standing on our legs if he wants us to hold him. It's so cute.

He's pulling up on everything. Every time I turn around he's standing somewhere new.

He can use his sippy cup by himself now and is fascinated with it. And dinnertime is still messy, but now he's getting more in his mouth than on the floor or in his hair. Every night he has frozen avocado slices with whatever veggie we're having. 

He's also sleeping for longer stretches in the middle of the night. Knock on wood, but for most of this week, he has slept from 11 pm to 6 or 6:30 a.m. We're hoping this trend continues. I am super-excited that I'm getting more sleep.

Last weekend we went to Port St. Lucie with Bryson to visit Dad and Judy who were there for a conference for Dad's business. They stayed at Club Med again while we were "chillin' at the Holiday Inn." On Saturday, they got us day passes for the resort, so we hung out with them swimming in the pool and gorging ourselves with all-inclusive-style meals. Who says you can't have two servings of soft serve ice cream in one day?

I also got to check an item off my bucket list. Every Club Med has trapeze that guests can try out. So I got harnessed up safely in a belt and gave it my best. (There was also a net under me.) My wonderful husband did a great job photographing the experience.

I was pretty scared climbing the skinny ladder and then making the step from the ladder to the platform. But once I swung out and hooked my knees, I felt like a kid again. It was so fun!

My first turn was a success, so they told me I was ready for the "catch," where the guy on the other end grasps your hands while you're swinging from your knees. Then he swings you back up so you can regrasp the trapeze.

So on my second turn, I climbed the ladder again, feeling slightly more confident. I was so excited when the guy caught my wrists, we swung out, and then I turned and grabbed the trapeze again. I haven't felt that sensation in years. It brought back all those years of gymnastics training. They invited me to perform in that night's show after my second turn. (Guests who are good at it perform in the shows some nights.) I had to turn them down since it was past Bryson's bedtime, but it felt really good to be asked.

It was such a great weekend and so great to see Dad and Judy. They had a great time with Bryson and he had a great time with them. We miss them already.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

31 weeks

Well, Bryson is now 31 weeks old and into everything. I thought we'd get at least a month of him just crawling. Instead he's decided that he MUST pull up and try to stand on everything. You'll notice he's sporting a nice colorful forehead bruise to prove it in this week's photo.

We decided it was time to lower the crib even though he only sleeps in it from 8 pm - 11 pm each night and for some naps. The rest of the night he's in the pack-n-play next to my side of the bed. Sometimes we get lucky and he'll sleep past 5 am in the pack-n-play, but many nights it's closer to 3 or 4 am when he wakes up. Of course, I do get him back to sleep, but it would be SO nice to get a full night's sleep. I know other babies wake up much more often, so I guess I'm lucky in that way. One day he will sleep thorough the night, right?

 There's nothing else big to report this week. I just took some photos with the "big camera" while he was playing.

Yeah, we need to pull some weeds from the front yard. It's been a little neglected for the last seven months.

Oh and a video.......

Monday, September 2, 2013

Workin' for the weekend

I missed a couple of weeks, but we've been trying to have a little fun on our weekends. Bryson is now 29 weeks-old - almost seven months.

Here's the 28 week photo since I skipped last week......

Last weekend we went to Sanibel to hang out on the beach for a bit. Bryson loved being in the water. He wanted to splash. a lot.

Last Friday was his six-month appointment at the doctor's office. He weighed 18 lbs. 7.5 oz and measured 26.5 inches tall. He is very healthy! He's so squirmy now that I couldn't get a decent picture of him on the table. We pretty much have to change his diaper on the floor because he won't hold still for ANYTHING.

He's eating quite well and actually getting a little in his mouth by himself. He seems to really like frozen avocado and bananas the best. He also likes butternut squash, sweet potato and green beans. He's not too sure about broccoli yet.....

This is him eating his avocado and carrots. He still gets a little frustrated, but he keeps on trying. Darn slippery avocado.

We also made a visit to Scott's parents' pool, which has become a weekly thing for Scott and Bryson. I was lucky enough to make it this time.

And he's really on the move now. He loves throwing or pushing his balls around then chasing them down. Just the other day he also went from crawling to sitting for the first time. He's also starting to pull up to standing on the couch and up onto us. We're in trouble.....