Sunday, September 26, 2010

Green Eggs and Ham

I've been getting organic, free-range eggs recently from a woman that used to work at the News-Press. The flavor is unbelievable -- way better that salmonella grocery store eggs. I also like the size and color variation in the fresh eggs. So imagine my surprise when I pulled my eggs she delivered out of the refrigerator at work and saw these -- GREEN EGGS!
We ate some this morning, and they were so good. The yolks were still yellow and the same color as the brown eggs. I was prepared to take a photo if they were green. I guess the green shells are because the chickens were eating grass or something. cool, huh? I really do want some chickens.


  1. I can just imagine your backyard with a chicken coup - whoa.

  2. The egg shells are green because the chicken it came from was a certain south or central American breed that produces green eggs. It is called the Americauna breed I think. They are a common breed to Central Florida. Im sure they are elsewhere too. The DC did a story on it when we were in leesburg.