Thursday, March 5, 2015

A birthday, a haircut and a little brother

Bryson has had a big month. He turned two, got his first haircut and we just found out he's going to get a little brother sometime in July.

His birthday party was at Estero Community Park so that the kids could play on the nearby playground and the adults could hang out in the shade. Of course it was construction themed. Unfortunately Scott was sick, very very sick, and couldn't make it to the party. He was so disappointed to miss out on the fun.

But Bryson was so excited to have all his grandparents there, except my step-mom Judy.
He got so happy when we sang the line, "Happy Birthday, dear Bryson," and he pointed to himself and clapped.

Oh, melt my heart, this kid is so amazing.

He has played with those "cake" trucks every day since his party.

 We decided that it was finally time for a haircut last weekend. Obviously his hair was getting out of hand, but we didn't want to lose his signature curls. The stylist at Bananas Salon for kids was great, and she even gave us a curl of hair to save.

He did great during the haircut too. Of course it helped that he was sitting in a fire truck and that they put on Cars the movie for him to watch. The stylist was also very quick.

 So now his hair is not too short, it's out of his eyes, and the curls look even better. I was so happy. If we had lost the curls, I would have cried. Like seriously bawled. Pregnancy hormones are no joke y'all.

In other news, we made it Facebook official. We are pregnant and expecting another BOY!

We were convinced it was a girl since this pregnancy has been a little different. But, as all parents know, kids are always happy to surprise us! I think he will be just as active as Bryson since I have been feeling him kick for a few weeks now. With Bryson, I didn't feel his kicks until the day after our 20-week appointment.

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  1. Oh, things are gonna get very interesting really soon! :) Can't wait to meet Baby Boy.