Saturday, May 9, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Spring Break 2015 - Otherwise known as the last trip to NC as a family of three.

Since we are trying to spend less money before baby #2's arrival, we decided to spend our spring break week in Raleigh with dad. Sure, we missed seeing the mountains, but we had a great time doing things around Raleigh and hanging out with Dad and Judy.

Bryson was happy to play with the trucks they bought for him. He also loved the bubble-blowing lawn mower, or mam mam, as he called it.

The weather was perfect. A little chilly but mostly sunny and refreshing. It's been a really hot spring in Fort Myers, so the 60-degree temps felt great.

A trip to Raleigh with Bryson would not be complete without breakfast at Big Ed's (biscuits, eggs, grits, pancakes-yum!) and a trip to the Marbles musuem.

We got to visit Chapel Hill. We haven't been there in a few years, and it was Bryson's first time.

We walked over to Bryson Field, where the UNC baseball team plays, but he was so grumpy he wouldn't let me get a photo of him with the sign. But he got happy when we got to the football stadium and the diggers were hard at work redoing the field.

The next day we went to Clemmons State Educational Forest in Clayton for a little walk in the woods. B really liked throwing rocks into the stream and pond.

Pullen Park was also on the agenda......We rode the train, carousel and the boats, which he LOVED!

We did a practice Easter egg hunt in dad's yard the afternoon before Clayton's egg hunt so he could be ready. Dad filled the eggs with coins and candy, which made Bryson really excited.

So he was prepared the next morning when we went to Clayton's egg hunt. So. many. kids. It's weird to go to a place with lots of young families after living in Fort Myers for so long. Last year's egg hunt in Fort Myers was not nearly as crowded as this one was. My cousin Nancy, her fiance (now husband) and their son Blake came with us. Blake and Bryson were so cute together.

Most of all Bryson loved being in Dad's yard playing and swinging.

Scott and I also got an afternoon in downtown Raleigh to have a PHENOMENAL lunch at Jose and Sons and to explore a bit - kid free.

On the way home we stopped in Savannah for a day. We went the the Savannah Children's Museum, which is outside in the ruins of an old building, and then we walked and walked and walked all over town.

The morning we left to come home was Easter Sunday, so Bryson got his first Easter basket. Of course it was filled mostly with cars and trucks.

His nose looks pretty rough because he fell on his face on a tiny hill at dad's house earlier in the week. On Easter morning he was upset in the Pack-n-Play, and then he got quiet and started picking all the scabs off. Should have known something was up......

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