Saturday, January 3, 2015

A super fun Christmas

Bryson really got into Christmas this year. While he didn't fully grasp Santa Claus, he did understand that he is an important dude. And he really loves the Christmas tree. He calls it "isis tee," and goes over to admire it. He was also really into opening presents. Or course he got a lot of trucks and cars and trains.....

On Christmas morning, after he opened his gifts from Santa, mom and Billy came over for breakfast. Then he got to open lots more presents from them. He really enjoyed the new dump truck and train set.

The weekend before Christmas we went to Jekyll Island to meet dad and Judy. We loved it there this summer, and it's a convenient halfway spot between here and Raleigh.

We had a nice day on Saturday and went for a bike ride. On Sunday it rained so we didn't get to do much except the playground. Bryson still had fun opening presents and playing with his new toys. He LOVED spending time with my dad and Judy (granddaddy and Juju).

He also had a vocabulary explosion this past month. He says "outside" (pronounced "ow-sigh" which is the cutest thing ever!), "eat," "apple," "bye bye," "fire truck," "please" ("eese," same as "cheese"), "cool," and "cool car," "disarmed" (copying our alarm system voice), "poop" and "football." He usually tries to repeat most things we say now, which is pretty cool, but we have to watch our language. In toddler speak, "shoot" sounds a lot like "shit."

We are not really pushing potty training yet, but most of the time Bryson will poop on the potty if we catch him in time. So we're really pleased with that, and Bryson is so proud of himself.

Back to Christmas.........

On Christmas afternoon, we went to Scott's parents for dinner and family time. Bryson had fun helping everyone open their gifts and bonding with cousin Carter.

In late November, we went to the downtown tree lighting, but Bryson cared much more about the fire truck that was there. He also made the paper.......

We also went to visit Santa......
Bryson was not willing to sit on his lap alone, but he thought Santa was pretty cool and obviously an important dude.

Seeing Christmas through Bryson's eyes this year was amazing. Scott even got excited about the Christmas tree when he saw Bryson's face light up. So cute.

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