Saturday, November 15, 2014

How is it November already?

And how is this guy 21 months old already? I mean, it will soon be Thanksgiving, then Christmas and soon after he'll be two!

He's talking more, but still prefers nouns to verbs. And most days you'll find him pushing around a dump truck.

Last weekend we took Bryson to Aviation Day at the airport. He had a great time sitting in the helicopters and looking at the airplanes. I was on assignment for the paper so Scott and Bryson walked around while I worked.

And of course, we can't forget Halloween....
our little B-Boy
I got the jacket at the kids consignment store, and we had the hat. So I told Scott to go buy him a chain. Pretty classic costume if you ask me. We walked around the block trick-or-treating with our friends Megan and Chad and their three kids.

Is he not the cutest ever?

The poor little guy has been sick every other week since he started school. And as a result, so have we. Right now he's coughing like crazy, but still manages to have energy to want to play outside almost all day. He knows what he likes and is getting more demanding. So that's where we are right now........oh, and he has pooped in the potty several times in the past month or two. So we're getting there....or we will eventually, right?

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