Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

Are you ready for this cuteness? We visited the pumpkin patch downtown this week to pick out our pumpkins for Halloween. So. stinking. cute.
 We also took a walk downtown since Bryson wants to be outside 24/7 now. Luckily the weather is much nicer now.

We've had a lot of fun in the last month:
Bryson is doing great in school. They said he is always the most excited to go outside to the playground.

And he has a little friend at school that loves trucks as much as he does.

School was closed for a day last week, so he came to one of my assignments on Sanibel with me.
He likes to do this now when he falls down, like he's playing it off as if he meant to fall.

Here he is birdwatching that day on Sanibel.

Playing on the playground in Estero.....

And I've been taking him to open gym every week. He loves it!

We went to the beach a couple of weeks ago.....

And we had a visit from my grandma. It was so nice to spend some time with her. Bryson liked going over to mom's to hang out with her on my mornings off.

Bryson is still trying to talk and says "ire tuck" (fire truck) a lot. His other words include tractor and shower head. Weird, I know. He says "hey!" and waves and blows kisses. He still doesn't say no or more or anything that will help him. Although he does consistently sign "more" and "all done." He also now has all his teeth except for the four final molars, so hopefully we'll get a break from teething for a while. He's been mostly sleeping through the night lately too.

Here's a recent video:

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