Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thank God for Grandparents

Last week Dad and Judy came to visit for a few days before going to the east coast for a conference. So I had a few precious mornings of sleeping in while they entertained Bryson. It was also a good chance for them to spend time with him since he's practically attached to me when I'm around.

We spent one afternoon together at the Six-Mile Cypress Slough. B loved running on the boardwalk and chasing Dad.

 Then he got a little tired and decided to have a quick rest....

So easily entertained.

Dad and Judy headed to Deerfield Beach on Wednesday of last week, and we joined them there on Friday night. It was a fun weekend, but a rough one for Bryson. He didn't sleep well at all. And Saturday night he came down with another fever. (He was sick for two weeks with a cold before that.) We were up most of Saturday night, and the fever stayed for a couple more days. I think he is finally feeling better, but he still has a cough and runny nose. He's pretty frustrated by it, I think, because he's been especially moody this week. That means hour-long screaming fits and tantrums. oh the joys......
I kept trying to get photos on Saturday at the pool and beach, but it rained a lot that afternoon. So I only got a couple pics.

Dad and Judy stayed with B while he napped Saturday afternoon, so we got to have a relaxing lunch date. After we ate, we went over to the beach to watch a little volleyball. When B woke up we waited for the rain to slow down then went to our beach at the hotel.

The beach there is really nice. The water is SO CLEAR. We saw lots of colorful fish swimming by the rocks. No snorkel gear required.

As I said, Bryson has been extra moody the past week, but I'm hoping it's because he's been sick for so long. He'll be going back to school this week so hopefully he stays healthy, active and occupied.

He's got one more canine tooth that is about to break through, too. Then we should get a break from teething for a while until his two-year molars come in. Before he got sick he was sleeping through the night regularly (finally!), and I'm hoping we get back to that!

These are some photos I took for his 19-month-old photo shoot a few weeks ago at Centennial Park. That smile just melts my heart.

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