Saturday, May 4, 2013

12 weeks and back to work

Thursday was a big day not only because Bryson hit the 12-week mark, but I also went back to work. It was a little rough, but I do have great friends there, so everyone was really happy to see me. Plus I knew B would be in good hands between Scott and his mom, so that made it easier.

It did feel good to see my photos in the paper again this morning.

Scott's mom came over early on Thursday afternoon to watch Bryson so I could take a shower and get ready for the big day. He's in the stage now where he doesn't want to be left alone unless he's sleeping, so it's hard to get stuff done around here. I have to wear him in the Ergo carrier just to make myself breakfast, but on the plus side, it does keep him close to me.

Bryson is smiling all the time now and loves his nightly walks with us. He just loves to look up at all the trees in the neighborhood. We can't wait to take him hiking this summer. He also seems to be checking out his feet lately. He often looks down at them and wiggles his toes. We love making him laugh while playing peek-a-boo with him, but he is quite camera shy. Even with the iPhone. You'd think he'd be more used to the camera clicking since he heard it all the time while I was pregnant.

These are from bath time last week.

And these are from a nap last week.....

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  1. Awww what a snuggly bug!! Know it's hard to go back but it gets easier!