Sunday, January 6, 2013

Almost 33 weeks. 7 weeks to go.

We're in full-on baby preparation mode here at the Whittamore household. Over Christmas we built the baby's dresser and crib.

Then Scott painted the dining room to match the living room. I was very appreciative not to have to help with that chore. But it looks great. Now I just have to rehang all the art. When we get paid again, we'll get some new curtains and a new light fixture to jazz things up a bit. I'll post photos of both rooms when they're closer to being done.

There have been some big changes with my pregnancy going on too. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 29 weeks, and that has turned things upside down. I can no longer give birth in the water at Baby Love Birth Center like I'd planned because of the diagnosis. (Stupid Florida regulations). I now have to go to Cape Coral Hospital.

As if that wasn't traumatic enough (I'm getting over it now because I know it won't matter after he's born), my wonderful midwife Samantha can't be there for my delivery because she doesn't have a contract with my insurance company. Luckily her husband is a great OB who shares her same birth philosophy, so I have to switch to him in the next few weeks.

I've also had to change my diet to keep my blood sugar in check, since I have to test it four times a day. I've pretty much been on the Paleo diet. Low carbs, no grains, no sugar - just a little honey. It may have been a blessing in disguise because my rapid weight gain has slowed dramatically, and I'm still feeling pretty good.

Here's a new belly growth chart. Somehow I lost the pics from Christmas week when I was 31 weeks pregnant. :(

And here we are all dressed up for a New Year's party with our pretty Christmas tree.

 And at the party....

And here's a funny photo I took of myself reflected in an ornament at a Christmas event at the Ritz Carlton in Naples.....

 And one last photo. We've started harvesting the garden! Here's today's carrots.....yum! And we got a big handful of green beans that we ate for yesterday's dinner. The corn will be done soon too.


  1. Happy to read an update! You look great. Home stretch!!!

  2. Love how your belly is hanging out of the white tank top now! :) You look fabulous and so does your living room. Can't wait to come visit and meet a sweet new baby boy AND a new interior!