Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

On Sunday, we ate lunch with Scott's family before his parents left for Kentucky, so today we just had breakfast with my mom and Billy after opening our presents at home. It was nice to have a fairly relaxing day.
For dinner, I cooked a London broil in the slow cooker with a few of the year's first carrots from the garden. I also made some acorn squash. And mom brought broccoli salad and green beans. I must say, it was pretty good.

 One of today's best gifts was one Scott picked out for the baby. A pair of tiny chucks. so cute. Yes I know my stomach is huge in this photo. It definitely grows every day! I'll have an update on that later this week.

My step-brother Scott, his wife Heather and his two beautiful and funny daughters came to visit last week, so Friday night we went over to eat with them at my mom and Billy's house. We had a good time seeing them. I think the gift-opening photos of the girls speak for themselves......

On another note, our garden is on the verge of giving us a feast. Here's the pics from December 5.....

And here's today....

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  1. baby chucks are a must! merry christmas to y'all! love you!