Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving, baby shower and an update

We just returned on Saturday night from a trip to North Carolina for Thanksgiving and a baby shower with my NC friends and family.

But I'll start with the latest news first. Baby Whittamore weighs about 2.5 pounds and is 15 inches long, which is slightly above average. And while I only got one ultrasound photo this week, it was one of the cutest ones yet. He was sucking his thumb. so cute.

This week flew by, but we had a great time. We got the chance to visit Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique in Raleigh, which is one of the best little baby stores ever. The staff was so helpful and friendly. They also have an awesome website with free shipping!

I originally found them online and later realized they were in Raleigh, and our trip home was the perfect chance to visit. We decided to sign up for their newborn cloth diaper rental program.

I know some of you may think we're crazy for doing cloth diapers, but Scott and I were both cloth diaper babies, and we turned out just fine. haha. It will save us a ton of money. Sure, there will be times when we use disposables, like probably on vacations. I also like not throwing away up to 12 diapers a day and that the cloth diapers don't have the chemicals in them that most disposables do.
I'll just have to get used to dealing with poop on a daily basis.

Later Wednesday afternoon, we went over to my aunt Marjorie and uncle Tim's house to see my cousin Amber, who made the long drive with her husband John and two boys (Olin and Leif) from Kentucky so she could see me in all my pregnant glory. I'm so grateful that she made the trip because we got to spend some quality time together talking about babies and life, and we never get to do that.

Thursday was, of course, Thanksgiving. I usually make banana pudding and apple crisp to take to Scott's parents house, but this year, we were obviously at dad's house. So he made my Mema's banana pudding recipe, and I made the apple crisp. It was good to spend time with the family, especially my aunt Julie. In the evening Scott and I went back over to my aunt and uncle's house to see Amber and my other cousin Leslie who arrived late Wednesday night from Ohio with her husband Brent and 11-month-old Finn. We finally got to meet him and he did not disappoint. He has the cutest toothy grin.

On Friday, we avoided Black Friday shopping and went to downtown Raleigh to eat lunch at Beasley's Chicken + Honey. Can I just say yum. yum.? Scott had the chicken and waffles (they were to die for) and I had a 'veggie' plate with the Hook's Three-Year Cheddar Mac-n-Cheese Custard, roasted beets (for something healthy), and the biscuits and honey. And I had a Cheerwine to drink, of course.

After we got dad and Judy back home, we set out for an afternoon in Chapel Hill, where we shopped a little on Franklin Street and then had dinner at Top of the Hill.

On Saturday was my first baby shower for my family and friends in North Carolina.

(Please don't be offended that we didn't invite you, aunt Debra, aunt Judy and Gray. We knew you'd be busy over the Thanksgiving weekend with the boys and didn't want you to feel like you had to drive to Raleigh or buy us a gift. We'll see you soon after the baby is born, I hope.)

We had a good time visiting with everybody, and we got some great gifts. Thank you all for coming. And a special thanks to my step mom Judy for hosting and cooking an amazing pumpkin french toast casserole, to my aunt Marjorie for cooking the yummy sausage, egg and cheese casseroles, to Sara Dowd for the beautiful and tasty cupcakes and to Kylie and Amanda for driving in to see me.


  1. That was the shortest visit with you EVER! But I enjoyed every minute of it. The ultrasound picture is amazing. Throw that bad boy in a frame.

  2. So glad you had a good weekend! We enjoyed visiting with your mom and Billy over Thanksgiving, and we look forward to seeing little Whittamore once he's out in the world!

  3. babies who wear cloth diapers on average learn potty training much earlier. love that cheerwine photo. wish i had some.

  4. Amanda, I had no idea that you were pregnant! Tim never remembers to tell me that kind of thing. Congratulations!

  5. We're not offended at all and so happy for you!!