Monday, November 12, 2012

Another busy, star-studded, baby-filled week

Last week went by in a blur. Election day was a nearly 12-hour workday.

Then on Thursday I got to go to Naples for the dedication of Baker Field at the Boys & Girls Club in Naples where I got to photograph Cal Ripken Jr. He pitched a few balls to the kids, which was really cool. He's a really down-to-earth kind of guy it seems. Check out my gallery from the event here.

On Saturday night, I got to photograph a dinner for 150 people who bid in a wine fest auction. The dinner was prepared by Top Chef's Tom Colicchio and was followed by a concert by LeAnn Rimes!
Of course, I didn't get to try any food, but I did get to hear a little of the concert while I was working. I also got scolded by Mr. Colicchio. Apparently he doesn't like to have his photo taken. Even though they told us we were welcome in the food tent. I guess they just wanted us to photograph the food. I still got a shot of him from outside of the tent. So hopefully I won't get a cease-and-desist order from his attorney for publishing them. he he he.

Before the dinner began, we got to interview LeAnn Rimes privately. So I actually got to meet her and shake her hand. She was really nice and gracious. She seemed genuinely happy to be there. Here's the photo gallery from the event.

I got an iPhone video of part of her new single, Spit Fire, which rocks by the way.

Oh and the house, er estate where it was held.....A. Maze. Ing. It was huge and right on the beach in Port Royal in Naples. The grounds were so big we almost got lost making our way back to the front to take the shuttle back to our cars. And the valet lot was full of Bentleys and Ferraris.

Sunday couldn't come soon enough. I was ready for a day off, but it wasn't totally a day of rest. In the morning I did some family portraits of the Luce family - my wonderful chiropractor, his beautiful wife and super-cute son.

In the afternoon, Scott's sister Emily came to visit with her new baby James David Risner. They are in town for a week from Puerto Rico, where her hubby Eric is in the Coast Guard. It was our first time meeting little JD, and we loved hanging out with him. We think he's super cute. And we're so happy our son will have such an awesome cousin to play with after he's born.

And finally, I'm growing like crazy. Well my belly is anyway. On Monday, the young girl giving me a pedicure asked me if I was having twins. She thought I was only days away from delivery. I cut her some slack because she was so young. But throughout the week, some adult women hinted that I was extra big too. Way to make a girl feel beautiful. Jeez.

For documentation's sake, the vertical line on my belly has appeared. The pain in my pelvis has begun when I walk, stand or move. But I do still love being pregnant. It's just amazing how everything changes week to week. And I believe I'm starting to feel the "labor warmups" aka Braxton Hicks contractions. The right side of my belly tightens every now and then. Plus I think he mostly lives in that side so it gets really lopsided sometimes. It's pretty funny looking. Speaking of funny.......Here's my belly jumping while waiting for my midwife appointment on Wednesday........

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