Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shower #2 and maternity shoot

Last weekend, my good friend Lindi from work threw me an awesome baby shower with the help of Francesca, who used to work with us at The News-Press. It was such a great time, and Lindi thought of all the little details that made it special. We ate and talked and our only activity was making onesies, which turned out much better than I could have ever imagined. I have some creative and talented friends! Thank you to everyone! You all made it such a special day.

Here's a few of the fabulous onesies Bryson will be sporting.....

My "get things done" instinct has kicked into overdrive, so this weekend, I decided it was time to do the maternity photos. Luckily Jack moved back to town just in time to do these for us. And he did a great job! I wanted to get the photos done before I started really swelling up. Hopefully that won't happen, but better safe than sorry, right? We went out to Bowditch Point on Fort Myers beach because it has so many different backdrops for photos, and it's beautiful there.

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  1. I love pregnant bellies. Sometimes I wish I had one again.