Thursday, September 6, 2012

Living room progress

I thought I'd give an update on the living room. We still have to get the art up, but the rest is done. Let's not forget what it looked like before.

Here are a few iPhone pics, so excuse the quality. Notice our new Karlstad couch from Ikea. We moved some bookshelves from the spare room to use as the TV stand. We also rearranged the books by color for impact. We saw that recently on Home by Novogratz on HGTV.

And here's before again....

Stay tuned for a full update once we have some art up.


  1. BIG difference! Such much brighter! Love the new couch too.

  2. It looks like a completely different house. Great improvement. Way more modern looking.

  3. Looks GREAT! What a Difference, looks brighter & bigger, Love the new Couch