Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The rooms, they are a-changin'

We finally decided to start the long process of painting the wood paneling on the walls in the living and dining rooms. We started with the living room. Who knows when we'll have the energy to tackle the dining room, but hey, we're making progress.

Here's some before shots.....

We just got this awesome new dining table, the Parsons Table, from West Elm. We're working on finding new chairs and a new chandelier.

And here's our living room, complete with a very dirty red couch and a very dirty scratchy carpet. They gotta go. We're thinking about a new couch from Ikea. Hopefully we can get up to Tampa soon to get it.

Of course the Ikea club chairs have seen better days too, so they'll be replaced with something a little more stylish.

And we've got a new solution for the TV in the works.

But the biggest change will be when the walls get painted a soft grey. This weekend we applied three coats of primer to the living room. This photo is after one coat of primer, so you can see why we needed three......

And here's a shot after three coats. Ok we ran out of primer after two coats behind the bookshelves, but books and things and two coats of paint will hide any wood showing through. It's so much brighter already!


  1. WOW! I can not wait to see the after - I've been waiting too long to see this transformation! Finally - bye, bye wood paneling!!!

  2. Way to bite off a big project before the baby comes! We envy your ambition. It's going to look great!

  3. done yet ? :) looking forward to seeing the "afters" :)