Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm pregnant!

Yes, as some have known and others have speculated, I'm pregnant. About 17 weeks, and we're really excited. We found out today that it's a boy. My best friends, Amanda and Kylie, were right from the start.

There was no doubt from the moment the technician placed the ultrasound wand on my stomach. This was the view we got. He wanted us to know immediately that he was a boy........

After a few kicks, he then turned over into a yoga pose with his butt in the air and went to sleep face down. So she didn't get a nice facial profile like last month. But all the measurements were right on, and she said we had a pretty good-looking baby in there.

This has been a pretty easy pregnancy. No real nausea, and I haven't been too emotional. Well -- until the other day when I broke down while cleaning out my closet and removing the many clothing items that don't quite fit right now. Everything is changing so fast, and I'm not used to watching the scale like this.

Because of the lack of nausea, I've had a hearty appetite and the slight weight gain that comes along with it. Don't get me wrong, I haven't gained too much weight, but it is hard to wake up each day slowly outgrowing all of your pants and shirts. Luckily Scott is being a great husband and walking a couple miles with me most nights so we can stay fit.

Thanks to the Be Band, some of my pants are still acceptable to wear. A few of my shirts are still acceptable too. I gave in a few weeks ago and bought some maternity jeans and shirts. They are much more comfortable.

Luckily I'm starting to look actually pregnant and not just like I had a huge dinner so that helps.

Here's a photo from last Friday, September 7th, when I was 15.5 weeks along. I plan on trying to do another photo of myself tomorrow for comparison.

And now I'm gonna be a proud momma and over-share more photos of my baby. Here's a few of the ultrasound pics from last month when I was 13 weeks along.


  1. Looks like he's packin some serious heat. Definitely a boy. Congrats. It's a good thing you produced a boy first, we all know how abusive Scott can be. The ramifications of the first born being anything other than male could have been severe.

  2. Packin' some serious heat for sho'! What a beautiful baby boy you have in there. I am so excited to hear about all the changes over the next few months. Love all THREE of you!