Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First major green bean harvest!

Today we had our first major green bean harvest. We got about two quart-sized bags full of them. I was worried that the freeze last week would affect them, but so far, everything looks good. We have lost a few leaves that got a little bit of damage. But the beans continue to grow. On new year's day we ate the first of the beans, but we only got about 10 beans or so.  This is the most vegetables we've ever grown if you don't count our crazy lettuce harvest last year. I had no idea the plants would be so big.

pea blossoms


We're growing yellow, purple, red and regular orange carrots, too.

As for our New Year's holiday, we didn't do much. I had a cold so we stayed home, watched TV and drank the champagne we bought on our honeymoon in California.


  1. dang - i would love to try some of those beans! delish!

  2. While I love the taste of fresh corn, my body has little use for it.

  3. What a coincidence. To post my last comment I had to type the word corn.