Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Duggars in Naples

I've been selected to be on the "election team" at work since all the Republican presidential candidates are visiting Florida this week. Yesterday I photographed Mitt Romney out in Lehigh Acres. And today I photographed Rick Santorum in Naples.

So imagine my surprise when Jim Bob Duggar (the dad in TLC's 19 Kids and Counting) pops out of the bus that has "Rick Santorum for President" written on it. Well the Duggars are big Rick Santorum fans, so they had their own bus decorated to show their support. Jim Bob and some of the family have been at stops in Iowa, South Carolina and now Florida. Here's Jim Bob assuring us that Santorum was not on the bus and that he'd be arriving soon....

I was weirdly a little star struck, so I didn't talk to them. But I was excited when I saw them at the event. Political events usually stress me out due to the big crowds and hoards of other media. I'm used to being places with maybe one or two other photographers, so when 35 other still and video photogs show up, it gets pretty tight when you're trying to get your shots. Plus, they're usually men, so I'm almost always the shortest photographer in the room. I always pray for something to stand on to get above the crowd so I don't get trampled.

Here's gallery one, gallery two and gallery three from the event.
I didn't want to paparazzi the Duggars so I only took a few pics of them.

I never know what my job will bring. It keeps me on my toes.

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  1. You know that by helping to publicize GOP candidates you are doing the devils work. Just kidding. but not really.nice pics!!!