Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas was pretty good this year considering the emotional roller coaster that was our December. We first had a visit from Dad and Judy before Christmas. Then on Christmas Eve, we went to McGregor Baptist Church for their candlelight service.

After we got home we hopped on our bikes to ride through the neighborhood. On several streets the homeowners set up luminaries along the curbs each Christmas Eve. We discovered it by chance last year, and it will now be one of our Christmas Eve traditions. It's so beautiful. Here's my best iPhone photo of it.

our neighbor's house.

On Christmas day we woke up early to open presents from each other.

Then we went to mom and Billy's house for her traditional breakfast casserole. After that we went to Scott's parents' house for lunch. Mom and Billy joined us so we could all hang out together on Christmas. 

The boys all got lounge pants, and Byron couldn't wait to try his on. We should have gotten the three of them together.

Eric and Emily made it home from Puerto Rico, too, so all of the Whittamores were together.

I also wanted to throw in a couple of photos from Naples beach this week. Before an assignment, I hopped out onto the beach to take in the view. Then I had an assignment to photograph a house in Port Royal in Naples that was right on the beach. It was beautiful. And their wine cellar was bigger than my living room. And one bottle of their wine is more expensive than my couch. oh well.

This was the view from the driveway of the house in Naples.
This was their driveway.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!


  1. love the hipstamatics of the beach. glad you had a good christmas.

  2. Agreed the hi dramatics are very cool. Looks like a lovely Christmas. Love you guys,