Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wedding welcome bags and set up

When we began planning a small, out-of-town wedding, Scott and I decided we should spend a decent amount on favors to thank our friends and family for driving and flying in for our big day. Everyone had to drive at least 3 hours -- some 13 hours -- to get there.

So we decided to do welcome bags after I saw some cool ones on I found the totes at and my friends Lindi and Michelle at work helped with the design and printing. Michelle saved me hours of ironing on the designs and Lindi took our invitation design and remade it for the bags. Thanks to you both!

Our gift bags included:

- a copy of Our State Magazine
- a small planter of basil seeds from Target
- custom matches from For Your Party
- bottled water with labels made by me
- Easter eggs filled with candy (it was Easter weekend after all)
- toys, candy and coloring books for the kids
- homemade oatmeal sandwich cookies
- Cheerwine
- North Carolina peanuts
- a chocolate bunny
- most people also got a copy of Prime Tunes: Wedding Edition - a mixed CD of our favorite songs burned onto a CD that looks like a record.

- all the drinkers also got a bottle of wine to enjoy

So on Friday morning, after the cookies were delivered to the hotel, we took the bags to the front desk of the Crestwood Inn and had them delivered to everyone's room.

After a fun night of hanging out with our best friends following the rehearsal dinner, we Scott woke up early and I rolled out of bed on Saturday morning to prepare the patio for our WEDDING! I still get excited thinking about it.


  1. I really loved the contents of the gift bags!

  2. Dude.... those oatmeal cookies were bangin. I considered stealing Amanda and Robert's from their bag.... hahaha...