Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Corn from the garden

Just after Kylie and Amanda's visit, Scott and I checked the corn plants to see if they were ready. To our surprise, they were! So that night we cooked up the two largest ears and I photographed them. But the next day at work, I accidentally formatted the card they were on and deleted them. Fortunately we harvested two more ears and ate them a few days later. Sadly the ants got the other two ears before they matured. So here's a photo of part of our first ever corn crop.
Pardon the bad light. i was using the point-and-shoot under our stove light.

I'd say it was a partial success. The corn tasted really great straight from the garden. We just need to figure out how to plant more next year. We learned that lesson with the carrots last year, and we are about to start harvesting our second round of carrots. We just planted a third round, so we'll see if they make it in the hot days of spring.


  1. They are SOOOO cute!!! You have inspired us to plant a garden - we're starting this weekend!

  2. Looks like that little bit a Cherokee up in ya brought good fortune to your harvest.