Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Big Apple, Part III

Here are more photos from Central Park on Wednesday afternoon.

After the short carriage ride through the south end of Central Park, we walked back to the hotel to change our socks and shoes, which were soaked from stepping in slushy snow and invisible snow/mud puddles. On the way back we saw this synagogue....

After a quick rest and a change of socks, we went back out and hopped a cab to Washington Square Park. Dad wanted to see Greenwich Village, so we went to the park and walked through Soho to get to Chinatown. I figured he should see it once.

Sweet bike in Soho

Here's Chinatown. It's quite a bit sketchier than the other parts of the city, but there were cops everywhere.

Our next stop after we finally found another cab, was Battery Park. The sun was setting fast and early, so I wanted to get down there to see the Statue of Liberty from the snow-covered park. It was really pretty, but REALLY cold with the wind coming off the water.

Battery Park looking north

from Battery Park

Brooklyn Bridge-this was a bonus seen and photographed from the window of the cab.

Manhattan Bridge from the cab
 ...Preview for tomorrow... (or later this week if I get too busy in DC. I'll be there for work Monday until Wednesday.) Here's me in my floor seat at the Martha Stewart Show. The show airs Thursday, January 20, on the Hallmark Channel. Look for me in the middle section on the second row on the floor. I was sitting right in front of where Martha starts the show. More on that tomorrow.