Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yard Sale Finds

On Friday morning, I had to drive to the News-Press, and on the way home I saw a yard sale sign. I decided to stop even though I usually don't. And, yes, people start their yard sales on Friday here, so the retirees have dibs on everything. Luckily I was working late on Friday.

Anyway, at the first sale I snagged two dining room chairs that will at least need new fabric on the seats, but they're cute nonetheless. And $20 for the pair....

I spotted another yard sale around the corner from our house and decided to check that one, too. There I found two Mason jars, two hats for the photobooth at the wedding, a frame and four books. On the way home there was yet another yard sale on the street behind us. I found some sweet 1960's glasses for the photobooth and two more mason jars!

And here is another hat and some sunglasses I found on a thrift store shopping trip last week.....


  1. So how much for the rest of your finds? Cute chairs - those will be really easy to recover. I still have my four chairs that I need to recover too.

  2. Total for Mason jars $4.50 = $2 each for the larger ones + $.25 each for the smaller ones.
    Granny glasses $9
    sunglasses $2 for both
    frame $5
    hats $5 for all three
    books from 1940s $3

  3. Have you picked out some kind of theme or something?! You need to update me on your planning! i feel out of the loop :)

  4. YAY, it will let me leave comments again! :)