Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas tree

After Saturday's fishing tournament, Scott picked me up in Cape Coral, and we came home to decorate the Christmas tree. As you know I always have to get a real tree since my uncle used to be a Christmas tree farmer. (Now he grows landscape trees, and sadly I can't get one from him anymore.) So this year we decided to got a cheaper tree ($27) from Home Depot since we are saving for the wedding. I cringed when I saw they weren't kept in water (they should be), but I figured it was early in the season so I'm hoping they weren't cut down too long ago. We settled on a Douglas Fir, since I still don't like Fraser Firs. Luckily they were cheaper too.

I've also managed to acquire some good ornaments in the last few years to try and make up for the ones that were stolen from my first apartment in Fort Myers. I've tried to start collecting them on our trips, so there will be memories associated with them.

These aren't 'special,' but I got them this
year from West Elm. They are made from
old newsprint/books and are silver on the
other side. I got some other leaf shapes, too.
Love my Outer Banks ornament from
Kylie and Amanda.

This is a bus ornament made by a Haitian artist to benefit earthquake victims.
I got it in Asheville the day we got engaged.

A kayaking lobster I got in Maine. I also got a little lobster cage ornament there.

Key West 2009 - my 30th birthday trip.

paddle from the Nantahala Outdoor Center
in Bryson City, NC. bought on our
engagement trip.

Merry Christmas everybody!


  1. Nothing better than sentimental ornaments!

  2. I remember when those ornaments were stolen. What a find for the thief. I'm sure the sale of those ornaments funded a 15 sec crack binge.