Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fisheating Creek and swamp sunflowers

Yesterday I had one of those assignments that made me remember what a cool job I have. I rode over to Palmdale and Moore Haven (near Lake Okeechobee) to Fisheating Creek with reporter Kevin Lollar. We rented a canoe to get photos of the creek and the wildlife.

We saw a few birds and two small alligators. But the scenery stole the show. The creek is completely undeveloped and looks like olde Florida, yeah old with an e. There were cypress trees and old oak trees with spanish moss and we found two rope swings that Scott and I can come back to when the water is a little higher.

After the canoe trip, we headed over closer to the lake to another section of the creek. As we pulled into the recreation area there was a huge field of swamp sunflowers that only bloom in October. It was absolutely gorgeous!


  1. Awesome pictures! Those sunflowers are amazing.

  2. I always loved shooting assignments for Kevin. That is definitely one thing I miss.