Thursday, August 26, 2010

River cruise

This week has been a GREAT weather week by my standards. We've barely seen the sun because of the rain and clouds. We have had a little too much rain, but it hasn't been over 90 degrees all week, and that has to be some kind of record for Florida.

swing on the river......oh how dreamy!

Yesterday I was chosen to cruise the Caloosahatchee river with reporter Amy Williams and our new videographer Brian. I was a little scared my new camera would get wet in the predicted rain, but pumped that the sun wouldn't make this an unbearable experience. I still got sunburned through all the clouds, but with a little breeze it was a great trip. No rain at all. It was my first trip through the Franklin Lock-- pretty cool. Then we spotted some beautiful horses on the bank after the Caloosahatchee Regional Park.

Then we saw this guy smiling at us! haaaaaay!

And then this guy! A two-humped camel.


  1. Love the llama! I'd like to hang out with him.

  2. Were you on the Caloosahatchee or the Nile? I've been through that lock and never saw a Camel. Strange!!!!The Llama is funny. He looks like he's on something.You should send that photo to popular photography for their candid humor contest.

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