Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fantasy football and fun with videos

F our-day weekends are one of my favorite things. Every month I switch schedules at work, so every other month I get a long weekend.

On Saturday, we had our fantasy football draft at our house. It was fun to have the team over for a little fun. I think I got a pretty good team, but I ended up with Brett Favre as my quarterback. Not happy about that, but I have Maurice Jones-Drew and Randy Moss, so I hope they make up for the old man. Not that Randy Moss is all that young either. We'll see how it goes. If you're curious (and probably only Amanda will be), the rest of my team is Rashard Mendenhall, Steve Smith (Panthers), Ricky Williams, Tony Gonzalez, Hakeem Nicks (go heels!), Jerome Harrison, Mike Wallace, Kevin Kolb, Darren Sproles, Kenny Britt, Bengals Def., and Matt Prater for my kicker.

On Sunday, Jack flew in to pick up Mary and to get some of his things from the condo. He'll be returning to Chicago soon, and we were glad to see him. After hanging out with Jack and Mary for a while, I decided that I needed to catch up on video editing from our trips this year or I may never do it. And here are the results.....

The first is Evan playing in the hotel when we met Amanda and Robert in Orlando in August.

The second is from my trip to Maine for work in July.

And the third is from our trip to the NC mountains in April, where Scott proposed!

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  1. I really liked how you pieced together that video of Evan - cute.

    So, I think you're actually gonna appreciate picking up Kevin Kolb. He may very well end up being your starter. You have a pretty good team. We drafted for one of our leagues last Sunday and we have our other draft this Sunday. I'll go into detail about my team later so I don't have to leave it all in a comment, but I will say I got Peyton Manning in this league and can't wait to talk smack to Robert:)