Saturday, August 28, 2010

More new tricks

After our short trip to the NC mountains this summer to find a place to get hitched, we stayed in Raleigh a few days with dad and Judy. I don't even want to get into the extensive car trouble that caused our Raleigh visit to be extended.

One night Dad pulled out the old photo albums after I showed him our family tree on I decided to take photos of some of them so I could have them and to post on

Skip to last night. {JACK-- take notice, you should check this out!} I'm just catching up on reading my blogs and emails, and I run into this website. It is a great place to find all of these links to free photoshop actions! She also has tutorials and other goodies. That site led me to the CoffeeShop, which has tons of free photoshop actions here. This one is also a treasure chest of goodies and tutorials.

I normally don't get to do this stuff with my photos because I work for the newspaper and straightforward is what they want. So it's fun to play with some of our vacation photos and the old family photos I copied this summer.

Here's a sampling of the new stuff I learned.......

This is a photo of my dad in high school I think or early college. I downloaded an action to make it look like an old polaroid print on watercolor paper. Awesome! There are several different options with this.

This is a photo of my great grandfather Hallie Glover and his brother Thadieus. It must have been taken in the 30s or 40s. The photo was already colorized like this, but I downloaded an action to make the corners rounded and add a drop shadow.

clockwise from top left: My grandmother, Kay, as a child with Grandma Glover (great grandma), Mama Ethel (great great gma), and Wilma Glover (great great aunt); My grandparents with my dad as a child; My grandma, Kay, with dad; and dad at the beach when he was little.
For this one I learned how to use clipping masks to create this storyboard. She also has storyboards that make themselves using actions, like this one. So cool! And a huge timesaver or time waster depending on how you look at it. I've already spent hours playing with this stuff.


  1. Holy crapoli that picture of Jackie is so prime. I've got some pics of my grandfather that I want to showcase so I'm glad to hear your tips. I love you!!

  2. I really like the clipping mask storyboard photos. And your dad is a seventies icon. He must have been the coolest cat in town. I would like to just hang out with him, drink a beer, and admire his hair.

  3. Yep, his photo is the definition of prime. And I love the one of my great grandfather, too. Just look at those shoes!

  4. Love the pics! :) The one of your great grandfather and his brother is so great! Coffeeshop is great! I have ended up going to DeviantArt a lot to look for them too...they have a ton!! :)

  5. please tell you Dad I have SEEN this PICTURE.........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA love you!