Sunday, July 4, 2010

We're here!

Well we made it to Boone on Friday evening after stopping in Mountville, SC to see grandma and the rest of the family for lunch. Here's my cousin Gray's little boy Hamilton. He's so cute!
Anyway we're staying at a pretty sweet place on the Watauga River in Foscoe outside of Boone. Yesterday we went out riding around to see a few wedding possibilities. After riding to Banner Elk and discovering a parade in the morning, we rode up to "A Balance With Nature" to check it out. Unfortunately the steep mountain roads did not agree with Scott's car so we barely made it up. And then on the way down, a STOP light come on on the dash with the CHECK ENGINE light. Yeah, it sucked. So we're on the side of the road 5 miles from anything and all I can do it call the lady we were supposed to meet next to ask if she has any motor oil at her house to help us get off the mountain and into Boone. Luckily she did and brought it to us, and we made it back to the house!
So tomorrow we're going to rent a car and get down to business. Little Laurel B&B in the morning and Taylor House Inn and maybe Mast Farm Inn in the afternoon.

Here's the yard at A Balance with Nature. It's definitely at party house on the mountain.

Here's our creek at the house.

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