Tuesday, September 22, 2015

10 weeks old

Life with two boys is fun, but totally exhausting. I'm always trying to meet someone's needs. Every once in a while they are my own. Yay for showers! I actually got one this morning without anyone screaming at me. And I still ate breakfast and got Bryson to school on time. Update: As I was writing this, I got a call from Bryson's school that he was sick most likely with pink eye - in both eyes. We went to the doctor and yes, pink eye. And he probably has ear infections in both ears. Never a dull moment around here.

Parker is now 10 weeks old. We are still trying to figure out his schedule, but we have managed to get his bedtime to be between 8 and 9 pm for the last week or so.

We had some rough weeks with fussiness, and I think a lot of that was because of the terrible yeast rashes he had in every crevice of his body. We are still fighting the yeast, but his skin is mostly healed. So when we see some spots, I put his medicine on them right away to keep it from getting worse. He also has CRAZY cradle cap.

I also had him tested for food sensitivities since he was getting other rashes and was throwing up. Turns out he is sensitive to coconut, olives, avocados, mangoes, and all the nightshades - tomatoes, peppers, potatoes.....

So after all that he seems to be much happier, but he still doesn't like to be put down for long. We bought a Mamaroo seat that we thought would be our miracle, but of course, he didn't like it at all. So I returned it to Target today.

He is still sleeping really great at night. Usually he sleeps eight hours straight or more, so I can't complain about that.

We had his two month check up last week. He weighs 10 pounds, 7 oz and is 21.75 inches long, although I think she measured him at least 1/4 an inch too short because he was wiggling on the table.
He's three pounds lighter than Bryson was at his age. But he is keeping up with his older brother in other ways. Parker rolled over from his stomach to his back on the table at the doctor's office just like Bryson did at his two month appointment. His hair is also starting to fall out like Bryson's did around this time. I just started noticing hair on his bassinet sheet.

He loves to coo and smile at us. He seems to carry on a conversation with us if we mimic his coos. Sometimes he'll mimic what we say too.

On Sunday (September 20) the women at work had a party for Parker and me. We got together at Cristof's on McGregor for some drinks, food and cake. Everyone loved holding Parker, and we got some great gifts - cute clothes, toys, books and gift cards. I'm so lucky to have such great friends. Just look at this handmade bear quilt from Andrea......

Parker first smiled at Scott at six weeks old. It took him a few more days to smile at me, but now he does all the time.

In mid-August Dad and Judy came for a visit. It was so great to have them here. They cooked and cleaned all week and helped me with Parker and Bryson since Scott had to go back to work. Parker was requiring a lot of bouncing and calming at the time, so they definitely saved my sanity.

We went down to the beach one evening to let Bryson run around a bit. He had a great time falling into the sand repeatedly.

He also loved his Superman ice cream.

The Monday after they left was Bryson first day of school. He moved up to the two-year-old class. He was happy to go back and play with his best friend, Maxwell.

A few other recent photos.....

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