Friday, August 7, 2015

Welcome to the world, baby Parker!

Our family is now complete with the arrival of little Parker on July 12, 2015, at 8:13 pm. He was 8 lbs 1 oz and 20 inches long and was born in the water at Baby Love Birth Center.

My labor was a little longer than with big brother Bryson, who came in just 3 hours. I started having mild (but real) contractions after we put Bryson down for his nap. I started timing them and discovered that they were five minutes apart. After an hour, we called Scott's mom, Deanna, to come over and called our midwife, Sam, to tell her we were coming to the birth center soon.

She got there with one of the student midwives, Deborah, and began filling the tub. In the meantime another couple called to say they were on their way too. They arrived about 10 minutes after we did.

We weren't really sure what to do with ourselves once we got settled in since Bryson's birth was such a whirlwind. I sent Scott next door to Subway to get himself some lunch and I ate some snacks that I brought with me. Then we played games on our phones and talked to Sarah, my friend who came to take photos of the big event. They came in to check my blood pressure and the baby's heart rate periodically.

At almost 6 pm, I got into the water to try and relax a bit before things got too crazy. After that I was just deep breathing through the surges - that's what they call contractions in hypnobirthing- until my water broke.

That was around 7:30-7:45 I think. Sam had just come in to tell me that the other mom was at 9 cm and that her husband, Dr. George, had just gotten home from Arkansas. We joked then that I needed to hurry up. Little did I know I'd be holding Parker very soon. I felt two kicks or punches inside me and my water broke.

Almost immediately everything got really intense. I could hear the other woman screaming across the hall as she delivered her little girl, and I tried to focus on staying relaxed. I didn't want to focus on the pain. Soon, everyone came into my room, and I heard Sam say, "She's all done," talking about the other delivery one room over.

It was my turn, and Parker didn't waste any time. Once his head was finally out (they do not lie when they talk about the intensity of the ring of fire), the student midwife asked me to turn over face up to help him the rest of the way out. His shoulders were a little stuck and his umbilical cord was slung over his shoulder like a purse. But once I turned over he was out in less than 20 seconds and in my arms at 8:13 pm.

I said it before with Bryson, and I'll say it again now. NOTHING is like the relief you feel when that baby is finally born.

Scott and I both said "He's so tiny." But everyone else said he was chunky. We were so used to seeing and holding two-year-old, 28-pound Bryson.

After I was out of the tub and dried off (I'll skip all the gory details here), we called everyone to tell them the good news. Scott's mom Deanna hadn't put Bryson to bed yet, so she loaded him up and brought him to meet his baby brother. She said he was a little thrown when he woke up from his nap and we were gone. He was also quite unsure about everything when they got to the birth center.  In the meantime, my mom arrived too.

I could tell he was really confused and upset by the crying tiny baby I was holding. So I handed Parker to Scott so I could hug Bryson. After a bit, Bryson started crying. It was so heartbreaking. But Scott took him out to the waiting room to play with the toys, and he cheered up immediately. I could hear him laughing with delight so I was relieved. Deanna took him home soon after, and Scott went to get us and the staff some dinner from Culvers. I got a burger, fries and a milkshake - just like after Bryson was born.

Then mom got her chance to hold Parker.

They do not tell you that the cramping after your second birth is no joke - almost like more contractions. Not fun. Not fun at all. You can see that in my face in the photo above.

After everyone left, Scott, Parker and I settled in together on the comfy bed to rest. We finally settled on his name since we still hadn't decided between Parker and Camden.

We were cleared to go home after filling out the paperwork and making sure the car seat was properly installed. So we left to go home at about 2 am- just 6 hours after Parker's birth!

Even though it was late, it was nice to sleep in our own bed. Parker even slept for four hours straight once we got him to sleep. We were excited to snuggle with Bryson when he woke up in the morning since Parker was still sleeping in his bassinet. Deanna stayed the night so she made Bryson breakfast, but he wanted to see us.

Scott got up and Parker and I stayed in bed for a while. The next time Bryson came into the room, I was nursing Parker. He said, "Put him back in the bed," with a little panic in his voice. When I told him I couldn't, he threw a full-on tantrum. We knew he was upset and confused, so we let it run its course. Once Parker was done eating I snuggled Bryson again. After that he only asked me to put him back in the bed a couple of times, but was okay when I said I couldn't.

Now, every morning Bryson asks, "Where my baby?" Then says, "He's so cute," and "He's a cute little guy." He also likes to snuggle him and comment on his tiny feet and hands. Occasionally Bryson will bring Parker some trucks to play with or will lend him his blankie for a few seconds. It's so stinkin cute.

I love our little family.

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