Sunday, August 17, 2014

18 months old

This guy is 18 months old now.

At his doctor's appointment last week he was 23 lbs, 10.5 oz and 31.25 inches tall. He gives us hugs and kisses now, which is just. so. sweet.

And just the other day, I said, "Bryson, say cheese!" And he said "eeeese!" So cute. He seems to be mimicking what we say more now. Today, finally, he made the sign for more when I asked him if he wanted more milk. I've been trying to teach him that for months. He also will sometimes blow us kisses.

After his bath every night he loves to run through the house pushing his trucks. Then he wants us to chase him. He'll run into his room and playfully slam the door waiting for us to come get him. Then he runs out through the living room and office, into the dining room and hides under the table. It's a lot of fun.

On Friday, he went to my morning assignment with me on the beach. I decided it would be more fun to park the car and walk on the beach to the places I needed to photograph. He had a good time running, splashing, picking up shells and chasing birds.

At the end of July, dad came for a visit for a couple of days after a conference in Miami. It was nice to have him around for a couple of days especially in the mornings when he would play with B while we slept in. He also bought B some cool new clothes.

playing hide-and-seek behind the curtains
The first weekend in August was a monumental occasion. We spent our first night away from Bryson ever. He stayed at Scott's mom's house while we checked in to the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point a few miles away. It was nice to relax, drink a few pina coladas and enjoy a nice dinner and the sunset and lightning show on our balcony. But of course we woke up early, so Scott picked up Bryson and we took him swimming in the pool before we checked out. He slid down their tiny water slide and had a great time.

The weekend before July 4th, we also went to Clearwater Beach for a night. We needed to make a trip to Ikea, but didn't want to drive up and back the same day. We got to have dinner with one of Scott's former students, Jane. It was great to see her since it had been a while.

On the day we got there we stopped at the Tampa Aquarium. Bryson loved looking at the fish.

Bryson still LOVES his trucks and his books. This week he also began getting on the slides on the playground and sliding all by himself.

Here's a few more recent photos......

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