Saturday, May 24, 2014

15 months old

Bryson is 15 months old and learning more every day. He seems to know exactly what we're talking about all the time now. He loves to "help" us do things. If I ask him to put something away he'll usually do it.

We take him to the playground often, and he loves to climb and explore.

He also loves to go swimming at Nanny and Papa's house with Scott. That is their usual Saturday outing while I'm at work.

He actually slept for 12 hours straight the other night - a major feat that I was very excited about.

I took him for his 15 month check up a couple of weeks ago. He is now 22 pounds, 3.5 oz and 30.5 inches tall. He grew an inch and gained a little over half a pound since his 12 month checkup.

He's also increasingly OBSESSED with trucks and cars and tractors and construction equipment - anything with wheels. And books. Especially the ones about trucks.

Favorite foods include: yogurt with fruit, meat, avocado, and fruit. He's on a veggie strike unless I give him the pouches of pureed veggies.

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