Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter and more

Once again, I've fallen a little behind. But with a toddler practically running around here, it's hard to get a whole lot done.

Bryson is now 14 months old, almost 15 months. He loves to play games with us like peek-a-boo and even hides behind walls and in the closet for us to find him. Then he squeals with laughter.

He has an infectious laugh that melts my heart. Scott is so good at playing with him, and watching them together is amazing. I love watching them play together. This video is from earlier today when Scott got home from work.

I'm blessed with a wonderful husband, and on Wednesday we will celebrate our three-year anniversary! Wow. Three years already?! I've loved every minute of it, and can't wait for all our future adventures.

This month has been very busy. Scott's mom and dad were out of town visiting his sister, Emily, and her family as they welcomed their second son Aaron. He's so cute and has big squishy baby cheeks like his big brother James.

Since they were gone, I've been juggling Bryson and work. I've been working more late shifts, but when they have needed me earlier and assignments allowed, I took Bryson to work with me. So I was able to take him to the Naples Botanical Gardens, to a kid's show at the hospital and to the Edison home. He's a very good assistant and mostly patient while I work. I also had some help from my super awesome friends, Lindi and Megan, who watched him for a few hours on a few days. I'm so grateful to them, especially since they both have three kids of their own to chase around. They both welcomed Bryson with open arms. Literally, I think they both had to hold him the whole time.

At the botanical garden, I pushed him in the stroller while I worked. I had to take photos of their LEGO sculptures. After I was done, we went over to the Children's Garden to play for a few minutes.

He most enjoys the signs at the gardens. Go figure.
At the Edison home, he got to check out two of their most impressive trees while I was covering a story about Arbor Day.

A couple of weeks ago, Scott's best friend Jimmy got married. Bryson did great at the ceremony, which thankfully, was outside since he is happiest when he's outside. It was a beautiful wedding. We're so happy for them. But we're also sad since they are moving to Dallas. So a trip to Texas is definitely in our future.

Last weekend Bryson had his first Easter egg hunt......I helped him, but he does like to put things into baskets/bins, etc., so it wasn't hard to get him on board. The other kids scooped up most of the eggs before we could get to them, but he managed to get two on his own, and a really nice dad ahead of us threw down a few eggs that his son grabbed so that Bryson could pick up a few more.

So that was our month!

A few more notes on Bryson:
He loves trucks (especially fire trucks) and buses. He love pushing his trucks around the house.
He also loves pushing the buttons on the TV/cable box/Blu-Ray player and remotes.
He's becoming much more coordinated and nimble and is climbing more.
As noted before, he would be outside all the time if he could. He now knows when you say outside and runs over to the door and beats on it until you open it for him. Sometimes he even melts down in a tantrum if you don't take him out fast enough.
Books are another favorite. If you ask he will bring you a book to read to him or flip through them by himself.
He has also started sorting and stacking things.
If I ask him for my shoes, he will go get them and bring them to me. Such a good helper.

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  1. LOVE those red pants and the daddy and son picture. He is getting so big. I absolutely CANNOT wait to see him (and y'all) this summer!