Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ten Weeks!

Time is really moving too fast now. Bryson is ten weeks old, and I only have two weeks of maternity leave left. It is definitely not enough time.

Here's his weekly photo.....

Last week another one of my best friends visited. It was so great to see Sara, and I think she had fun snuggling with Bryson.

We had a great time!

On Thursday we took Bryson to the beach for the first time. He really liked the water. But after a few minutes playing in the waves, he got fussy, so we spent the rest of the time eating. Ah, the life of a baby.

Thank you Sara for taking the great photos!

Bryson is getting stronger every day and is starting to like to sit up more. He also likes to face out sometimes now instead of always facing us. We've also started going on walks the past couple of nights when he gets fussy. When he is outside, he immediately calms down and loves to look at the trees. He also smiles at us a lot in the mornings and on his changing table. Scott is trying to teach him to "high-five," which makes him laugh.

Since I ran out of time to blog last week, here's his nine week photo......It's the closest we've gotten to a smile in the weekly photos.

And here's a video of Bryson and Scott playing on Saturday. love those two....

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