Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday hodgepodge

Today I'm doing a linky Friday post inspired by several of my favorite blogs and Oprah's Favorite Things (which was on today, and I can't wait to watch!). I'll give you a little garden update tomorrow. Everything is growing like crazy except for the flowers.

I'll begin with something I saw online that I LOVE. New York Times Crossword Dinnerware! It's from Fishs Eddy, a super-awesome kitchen store in NYC. I went there the last time I visited because it was near our hotel on the upper west side and instantly loved the store. The only thing I bought then was a mug with the NY skyline, but I loved the store.

I'll now share a little Etsy awesomeness since we're on the subject.......

I love this papercut artwork from Doodlage's Etsy shop.

If you like papercuts and fingerprints, you'll love this.....
From Lori Danelle's Etsy shop.

I also just ordered a ring bearer bowl from Paloma's Nest. (I'll photograph that along with my wedding bling I got this week when it comes in the mail.) They have a store on Etsy, too. They have some really beautiful keepsakes, including this Christmas ornament. Ya'll probably know my ornaments were stolen shortly after I moved to Fort Myers, so I've been trying to grow my collection with ornaments that mean something. How cute are these?

And how awesome are these hand-painted signs?
You may have seen this store on YHL. Love this print.
Sadly, I did not win these Frye "Jane" Boots from The Pioneer Woman, but I love 'em anyway.
Love these earrings, too.
And here's my latest video from the Fort Myers Beach SandSculpting Championships last week. I shot it with my Canon 7D.

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  1. Holy Crap! You weren't lying about your blog list! Jeez Louise, woman!