Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Watermelons have arrived!

Our little garden-that-could finally allowed us to harvest a butternut squash this week after waiting since October when the seeds first sprouted. After curing for a week, we should be able to eat it! We also have several small watermelons growing on the vines that have overtaken the garden.

The second round of carrots are almost mature, and I'm hoping the second round of lettuce won't taste bad because of the heat. I haven't bought lettuce in almost 6 months. The flowers in the yard seem to be thriving. I've never seen our confederate jasmine bloom like this and some amaryllis flowers I've never seen before appeared suddenly under the mango tree.

Let me just say the heat has been especially brutal this spring. One day it was 70 degrees and then all of a sudden it was 92 every day and no rain. ugh. I know I always complain about the heat. I'm sorry, it's HOT.

Because of the sudden onset of heat, I figured I should probably hit the beach for a day before it gets downright miserable here. I knew the water would still feel refreshing in the low 80s. Later in the summer the water can be in the 90s and really uncomfortable. So yesterday I went to Fort Myers Beach with my books and magazine, found a spot in the shade (yes! unbelievable luck), and enjoyed a great day on the beach for the first time in a year.


  1. Wow - I'm proud of you for going to the beach! And all of your plants seem to be flourishing...NICE!

  2. Hi Amanda - I just discussed my blooming amaryllis a few weeks ago on my blog. I liken it to a good friend who stops by for a surprise visit - it always brightens my day! Enjoy - I think I must know how you did the lettuce so successfully!