Thursday, November 19, 2009

The garden finally grows!

We had a little soil snafu when we planted the original garden. All the squash and zucchini died and the lettuce and carrots sprouted, but never really grew at all. We figured it must have been the soil because another squash plant in a container was growing like crazy.
So we begrudgingly dug out half of the old soil and replace it with better -- um, more expensive
-- soil and replanted. Everything sprouted really fast and we planted some butternut squash plants that were in small pots. So far so good....

Then yesterday I noticed below one of the squash flowers was.......a tiny squash!!!!!!!!!

I was really beginning to think I'd failed on my first gardening attempt. Our window box lettuce has done really well, too. Hopefully in a few months we'll have carrots, too.

We also have watermelons sprouting as well as spinach, zucchini, and a plethora of pineapple plants.