Monday, August 19, 2013

27 weeks

27 weeks. What more can I say?

He's sitting up reliably, though I still put a pillow behind him in case he flies backward in a fit of excitement. He is also coming along on the crawling and will chase his ball from the living room into his bedroom or the dining room.

As for sleeping- we tried to get him to sleep more in his crib overnight, but instead he woke up every two hours. So I happily moved him back into the pack-n-play when I go to bed and he's sleeping for longer stretches again from about 11pm-4:30 am. We're all happier when we get more sleep, so we'll try the crib again next month. He sleeps in the crib from 8 pm - 11pm and that's enough for now.

He's enjoying hitting and drumming on things now. He's also trying to throw his balls to Scott and me. And he loved playing with this box.......

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