Thursday, June 20, 2013

19 weeks, Father's Day and Eric & Emily

Bryson is 19 weeks old today.

He is rolling over from his back to his belly all. the. time. And he is becoming more mobile and aware of things. He likes to watch us eat, and loves to play with his toys. It's so cool to see him get excited to see us when we come into the room.

I missed last week's blog, so here's 18 weeks.....

We've been pretty busy around here. Emily (Scott's sister) and Eric were in town between Coast Guard assignments, so we spent a lot of time with them and their 10-month-old James.

On Father's Day, I got Scott a shirt that says "The Big Kahuna" to go with Bryson's "Little Kahuna" outfit. Photo to come.......

After the presents were opened, we headed down to Koreshan State Park to photograph the Feazels (my friend Lindi's family) and the Risners (Eric and Emily). 

Here's the Feazels.....

And here's Emily, Eric and JD...... We're sad they have to move to Virginia, but happy they're back in the states. And we loved the time we got to spend with them this month. I can't wait to watch our boys grow up together.

Two more cute pics from today.

Cheering on the heels during the college world series.

And playing in his new exersaucer (sp?)....

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