Saturday, October 13, 2012

20 weeks

Tuesday officially marked the halfway point of my pregnancy!

 I'm still feeling great, but starting to get a little limited. I now have to put my knee out to the side while putting on my pants otherwise it hits my growing belly. And bending over to put on socks and shoes is getting more uncomfortable, too. But hey, I can't complain. It's been pretty easy so far.

We had another ultrasound on Tuesday also. It was so cool to see him moving around in there. We think he was trying to suck his thumb. And once again, he was eager to show us his boy parts. The doctor wanted to measure his femur, but he just wanted us to know he was a boy. By the way, he is the size he is supposed to be. He is measuring right on with the due date or just a few days over.


kicking me

foot - our little tarheel

facial profile

facial profile

probably sucking his thumb

And I've been pretty good about keeping up with my weekly shots........

14 weeks                                          15.5 weeks                                       17 weeks                       

18 weeks                                             19weeks                                         20 weeks                                 

 And here's two photos from Sarah Coward, one of our fabulous new photographers at the paper. I always volunteer to model for her lighting tests before someone comes in for a portrait. That way I get some extra photos of myself taken without having to use the self-timer.

20 weeks

19 weeks


  1. love the shots of both of you! esp the little feet and hands :)

  2. Enjoy this time!!! Second trimester is so wonderful. The major inconveniences come later :) So excited about those ultrasound pics - the feet and facial profile are awesome. Any progress on names?

  3. You look awesome and are so cute with that little precious bump. The U/S pics are great!! Hope the 2nd half of pregnancy goes well!!

  4. My ughs(sp?) were my best friend at the end of my pregnancy because they could just slip on, and I could just grab the tops and pull...but when my feet started to swell a bit I still had to get Brent to pull them on for me sometimes. :) You look great!