Sunday, May 27, 2012

Everblades win the Kelly Cup title!

As you probably know, my trip to Vegas two weeks ago was to photograph the Everblades, our local minor league hockey team, in the Kelly Cup Finals.

Games one and two were out in Vegas, and they won one of the games. Games three, four and five were back at home, so I covered those games too.

They won last Friday night and then again on Tuesday. Here's the link to last Friday's photo gallery. And here's the link to the photo gallery from Tuesday.

So as it came down to game five, the News-Press decided to do a special section to distribute on Wednesday night at the Arena if they won. I came in early to put in extra photos from the series. Here's the final product. I never got one in print, but here are the PDF files....

Luckily the won on Wednesday night, and I avoided another trip to Vegas. They won in overtime and with help from Sarah Coward, the paper turned out pretty well on Thursday morning. Here's my gallery from the win Wednesday. Here's the sports front.....

and here's the photo page....

Today, there was another special section. I gotta say, it was fun covering these guys. The guy in the picture above hugging the coach lost five of his teeth in the first game and I never even know he got hit because he kept playing. He must have spit his teeth on the ice and kept going. That's tough, y'all. It feels good to see a team win a championship and to feel like I captured a few of their happiest moments.  Sometimes I love my job.

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