Monday, April 2, 2012

Puerto Rico, Part II

We had to come off the beach eventually because we got sunburned, especially Scott's feet. So we drove a few miles over to Luquillo and Fajardo to check out the towns. Here is Luquillo Beach.

And here is us in Fajardo.....

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped to eat at Los Kioskos in Luquillo. We had some fried dough with meat in it for a little snack and then headed back to the hotel for dinner - room service. Yeah, we're high rollers. 

 One last view from the hotel overlooking El Yunque.

The next morning we headed back toward San Juan to spend more time with Emily and Eric.
The took us to La Cueva de la Ventana or "the window cave," but I think the Spanish version sounds grander. You walk though a smaller opening and turn the corner and it opens up to this perfect frame with a river running through. Mind you, this is a place where you hike up from the parking lot of a Texaco station. Not exactly well-known. If this was in mainland America, there would probably be an entrance fee and hotels all around.

Here's the four of us in the window.

The next day we went back to Old San Juan to see El Morro, the other fort in town. It was a beautiful day. The clouds were unreal.


 Loved the blue cobblestone streets in Old San Juan.

We loved Puerto Rico. Hopefully we can go back soon!

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  1. Love the color in all these pictures! Give me a call this week - I'm off for two weeks for my spring break!